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Unit 4: Secondary Data Project Veronica Cauley Kaplan University Research and Presentation MT320-07 Dr. Nazly Nardi July 27, 2011 Unit 4: Secondary Data Project Working for a small tax firm has a lot of benefits along with its negatives. There are a lot of issues that arise on a daily basis which consist of problems with the lack of knowledge which intern causes productivity for the staff to be very low. Finding ways for to improve this situation is critical it can determine the future success of this firm. Secondary data is an alternative way to start researching the problem the firm is having along with being able to find clarity of the problem and obtain feasible alternatives to finding a solution to the problem (Davis, n.d., p. 71). Secondary data research can be very valuable to a company’s needs, time and money. By conducting secondary data research there is an unlimited amount of resources providing different ways to find a solutions for any business needs. The meaning of Secondary Data Being able to find information from a secondary source can become valuable to a company. For example it can be time savings and be cost effective than primary data (Davis, n.d., p. 71). Understanding the use of secondary data for my company would come in handy since we are a small firm that relies on easy access to data that can be viewed as another option than looking for outside consultants. The problems that our firm has encountered consist of understanding how a paperless workflow can affect our staff and if changing to a paperless environment would be right for out firm. Using secondary data can help by providing resources to articles, along with companies that have already done the research themselves and provide their feedback on how the solution they found affected their company. For example we could use for all of our tax forms that need to be

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