Second Red Scare Essay

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When World War II ended in 1945 with Japan’s surrender, the United States and the Soviet Union had emerged as the two new superpowers. Throughout the war, tensions had been building between the Soviet Union and the United States, and finally erupted into the Cold War when the war ended. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union wanted to spread communism and the United States was trying to contain it. Beginning in the mid-1950’s, fears of the spread of communism into the United States prompted aggressive investigations of people who were suspected of supporting communism. This time was known as the Second Red Scare and there were many causes and many major results. After the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and when President Truman…show more content…
As suspicion grew within the government, many officials began an extensive movement to rid the country of all aspects of communism. Ironically, the American Communist Party only had a few hundred members. For example, the federal government set up the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), lead by J. Edgar Hoover, to spy on communist suspects. Also, Congress set up the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) that investigated labor unions and other institutions that were suspected of having communist supporters. Congress also passed the Loyalty Acts and the McCarran Act, which forced federal employees to fire all workers who had any communist connections and communist organizations to register their names with the attorney general and limited immigration of prospective supporters. Another major result of the Second Red Scare was the surface of McCarthyism. Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy promoted the anticommunist movement by coming up with a list of 205 “known” communists and he would hold public hearings and accuse people of being communists. However, he was never able to come up with any evidence, but he still won a lot of popularity with the American people. The Second Red Scare that occurred after WWII produced many changes in the United States and the nation was gravely affected by this

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