Second Great Removal Of Native Americans Essay

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Second Great Removal of Native Americans Unscrupulous decisions backed up with political power, guided with ambition, opportunity and trickery helped resolved with violence and force. Accompanied by the growth of industrialization and finding of precious metals and lack of tolerance for cultural rights, led to the immigration of tens of thousands from their land and way of life; thus becoming the second great removal of Native Americans. The Indians had little to no chance. The United States government’s poor administration of Indian affairs took every opportunity to pass out laws and policies that would promote and encourage westward expansion and colonization of Indian territory by taking, selling or granting to “American” settlers the great opportunity to own many acres of land. Tribes were stripped of their land and forced upon smaller sections of land in other parts of the country. The whites believed that the Indians were “local foreigners” Since they were not American citizens, that they were not owner of their land and that it was a reasonable idea for them to be pushed further west, but once west began to get occupied,…show more content…
The conquest of the west had become, “irresistible.” Industrial growth had emerged, there was gold and richest to be found and money to be made. There was land to be cultivated and populated. The Leaders of the United States government had one vision and that was to keep pushing west. They possessed power superiority and had ambitious ideas about the conquest of the west. Their unscrupulous decisions to deliberate take ownership of the land and their resource was far stronger then cultural rights. All this events made possible the migration of tens of thousands, making the second great removal of Native Americans a

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