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SEC 310 Final Exam Answers SEC 310 Final Exam Answers Question 1 Al Qaeda has been involved in opium and heroin trafficking, but Hezbollah deals in: • Question 2 Which of the following models helps to facilitate the growth of TOC organizations? • Question 3 What type of crime can result in more deaths, injuries, and economic loss than do street crimes? • Question 4 The UN study helped to identify how many of the unique organizational structures employed by TOC? • Question 5 ____________________ is involved primarily with victimless crimes such as gambling, loan sharking, narcotics, prostitution and desired illegal goods and services to the general public. • Question 6 The inclusion of what agency, into the intelligence community, allows the U.S. to more effectively respond to terrorism by identifying narco-terrorist organizations and money laundering schemes. • Question 7 Which of the following agencies is the primary agency responsible for counterintelligence on American soil? • Question 8 Today, what agency uses a variety of methods to collect intelligence, with emphasis on human intelligence? • Question 9 The creation of which of the following agencies essentially bifurcated the homeland security process? • Question 10 Up until mid-twentieth century, which was the primary mode of intelligence gathering? • Question 11 Which type of WMD, if possessed, could be seen as a way of enhancing a state’s or group’s prestige in a region or in the world? • Question 12 In terms of WMDs, the viruses that are the most problematic are: • Question 13 Nuclear weapons on American soil are closely guarded by the: • Question 14 It is imperative that all facilities with nuclear and radiological materials have security standards that are: • Question 15 If terrorist were to attempt to

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