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Seasons Of Change Essay

  • Submitted by: Diegomax0
  • on July 5, 2009
  • Category: Psychology
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The Seasons of Change
Fawn Fawn
PSY202 Adult Development & Life Assessment
Ms. Ramsey
Jun 07, 2009

The Seasons of Change
Looking back, my life seemed to change with the seasons, it was a constant season of change growing up, and nothing ever stayed the same. Before I knew it the leaves were changing color and about to fall to the ground. With that, I realized I had to put childish things away, and move on to the next stage of life. With every season comes new developments, and it is up to you to transition, or be left without an answer.
We ourselves must evolve to adapt to the passing stages in our lives. You are the only one who can open the door into the next chapter of your life.pg5 (cited in Hudson & McLean, 2006) We may not control the seasons, but we can control the purpose, the passion, and the transformations in our lives. I believe we have more control and power over our lives then we realize or choose to believe. Spring is the season of rebirth or renewal.
Summertime in late July was when it all started, I was the first born of my family, nine pounds and eleven ounces. My mom was 25 when I was born, my parents had only been married a few short years before I was in the big picture. I am guessing my mom was in the generativity stage or care stage. Primarily the concern in establishing and guiding the next generation or doing creative work, but mostly turn outward from the self toward others.pg28 (cited in Boyd & Bee, 2006)   My mother ensured a strong positive healthy, loving, and nurturing environment for me in my most crucial years of childhood. My earliest memories, are of my mother and I, we had such a strong bond. She told me when I first learned how to talk we had our own language, which was somewhat bad when I went to school. Growing up with my mom was almost magical, she somehow made the littlest things, so important.
I believe she was a great influence on my outlook in life, she used to say ‘Things can always be better, but also...

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