Seasons Essay

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My favorite season is summer. I love watching the sun rise over the ocean. I love going to the beach on a hot day, the smell of salt water and suntan lotion. The sound of seagulls, surf and bell buoys off in the distance, the sun glinting off the water. I love the rebirth of growing things, leaves on the trees, green grass. Butterflies, bees and dragonflies litter the air, birds singing and hot-weather bugs clicking and buzzing at each other on a warm evening. I love a tall cold drink on a hot day, ice crackling as you pour the drink, little droplets that run down the side of the glass. I love the smell of rain hitting the hot asphalt during a summer shower, the sound of thunder, the flash of lightning, the feel of warm water running down the back of my neck when I get caught in a sudden downpour. I love the smell of newly mown lawn, the sound of a lawn mower off in the distance. I love the vines climbing the pool fence, the honeysuckle perfuming the entire yard. I love the color of the pool when the sun shines. I love watching the Koi doing their quiet ballet in the pond, mouthing at the surface in hope of food every time someone walks by. I love how big the Lotus leaves are, the color of the Lotus flowers, the scent wafting gently as you walk by. I love the sun being up late, being able to go out to play with the kids after dinner. I love the graceful dance of the Zachary Tree as the wind moves across the yard. I love the bright colors of the flowers. The scents...oh the scents! I love the apples and pears ripening on the trees, the way the leaves on the grapevines shade and cool me when I sit under the arbor, the smell of ripening grapes. I love that I have to chase the birds away from the grapes if I want any. I love the chirping of the newborn birds in the birdhouses, the mother and father bird flitting back and forth with bugs and worms. I love riding my

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