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Seasoned Essay

  • Submitted by: Molleeyy
  • on May 19, 2013
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Write about the poem “Seasoned” and how the poet uses language to convey her thoughts and feelings.
The poem “seasoned” is written by Elaine Gaston, a Northern Irish poet. The poem appears to be about her father growing old and her caring for him, the first stanza states “he cannot bend to tie his shoe, I stoop to make the knot”. This is the irony of the poem, as we are later told of his immense strength in his youth. The title of the poem make me think of the seasons of the year passing, and with them, the poet’s father getting older. In the fifth stanza, the poet describes his back as “a solid Irish oak”, a green oak bends easily like the fathers back when he was younger, but a “seasoned” oak is stiff and rigid, as it is now.
It is evident that throughout the poem, Gaston reminisces proudly about her father’s life before he grew old. We are told of his strength through strong verbs such as “hauled” and “pulled”. The use of strong words like these is evident throughout the poem, to show how devoted her father was to his job as a doctor. The poet proves to us how much of a different person he is by telling us of his heroic actions, ranging from mountain rescue to childbirth.
We are also told of a comforting, maternal side to the hero in the third and fourth stanzas. The poem describes how he “held mother hands in ambulances” and “delivered babies in toilets”, these emotional tales show how dedicated he was. The poet also tells us of her father bathing them “on a Saturday night, bent over the tub” this is a task that the mother could have been expected to do, proving that family was as much as an important part of his life as his job. It also highlights that his back was in working order and was perfectly capable of bending for the task. Gaston seems to have a lot of admiration and respect for her father, shown by the way she retells his story of “cycling twenty miles to run a race and won, then cycled twenty home”. This divulge of information shared with us in...

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