Sears' Core Competencies

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MBA611 Week 2 | Core Competencies | | | | | Background Kmart was once the one of the largest chain of department stores in United States . The company was established in 1899 by Sebastian S Kresge under the original name SS Kresge Company. However, the first Kmart store was not opened until 1962 in Michigan. The name was officially transformed into Kmart Corporation in 1977. The company receives tremendous attention due to its Blue-light Specials arrangements , where they provide incidental discounts in specific departments of the store The image grew through the 70 's and 80 's (`Corporate History , 2006 When the company enters the 90 's , its course of luck began to change The company no longer experience considerable growth in image and profits , but instead , experienced a chain of problems that finally lead to its bankruptcy in 2002 (Evans , 2002 . In 2003 however, the company rise again under the name Kmart Holdings Corporation and began trading on NASDAQ. Shortly after introducing a new logo, the company joined with Sears , Roebuck and Company in 2004 and changed its name again to Sears holding Corporation . Today , the company operates stores under the store brand Kmart and Sears. Sears began with humble beginning, the retail giant started out as a watch company under the name of R. W. Sears Watch Company. Little did they know that they would later become a staple in the Chicago skyline thus evolving into Sears Roebuck and Company, or simply Sears. R.W. Sears began in the late 1880s, when there were only 38 states and the total population was 58 million, with over half the population living in rural areas (Sears Archive, 2012, figure 38, 58). By 1895, Sears’s mail order business was gaining market acceptance and the Sears catalog expanded to 532 items consisting of ‘soup to nuts’ products for their customers (Sears Archive, 2012). By 1906

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