Search Strategy Essay

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Research is a fundamental part of nursing. It provides new insights into nursing practice, develops and improves methods of caring and tests the effectiveness of care (Gerrish and Lacey 2010). The research process is a sequence of events of which a literature search lays down the foundation. Any proposed research activity should involve a literature search to ensure that similar work has not already been conducted (Scullion and Guest 2007). The objective of this assignment is to write a search strategy. Scullion and Guest 2007 describe a search strategy as ‘an outline of what you are looking for, what you are going to search and what results you are expecting to find’. The subject of the search will be defined by devising a question related to a topic relevant to the author’s area of practice – Peri-Operative Environment. Search Strategy Initially, literature searches failed to highlight relevant material relating to peri-operative practice. So, to make the process easier and result in a precise and accurate search, a question: “The most effective way to prevent hypothermia during the peri-operative phase” was devised using the PICO methodology. Although originally devised to formulate a research question it also enables the question to be broken down, hence identifying elements needed to define the search. • P - patient, population, condition or disease • I - interventions (diagnostic or treatment) • C - comparisons • O-Outcomes |P |I |C |O | |Hypothermia |Peri-operative care |Warming techniques |Normothermic | | |Surgery |Mattresses
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