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Don’t You Think It’s Worth It? Sure the thought of someone searching your things may be a little disturbing, but your child’s safety is definitely worth it. Your children go to school to learn, to a place where you are not going to be to protect them, to the same place where other, more troubled kids go to. Sometimes these troubled kids are angry, want attention, or are just bored, so they bring in drugs or weapons. I am sure that you do not want your children exposed to this, and there is a way to stop it. I think students’ lockers should be searched because lockers are school property, it is the school’s duty to protect students, and this search will not be abused. Lockers are school property, students are merely allowed to use them as…show more content…
There should be no worry, though, because it’s not like the people who are searching lockers know whose locker they are searching. The only way they would find out whose locker it is, is if they find drugs or weapons in it, but then again, the student shouldn’t have had the drugs or weapons to begin with! Students fear that when their lockers are being searched, that their personal belongings may be stolen. If it is not a drug or a weapon, or anything else that may put someone’s safety at risk, don’t worry. We trust teachers to use this power responsibly and not abuse it. If they do misuse this responsibility, they will be subject to consequences by law. In conclusion, I believe that searching school lockers will help in preventing danger being brought upon your children. In the USA everyday, at least 100,000 students bring guns to school, 40 students are killed or hurt by firearms, 6,250 teachers are threatened with bodily injuries, and 260 teachers are physically assaulted. Do you really think that searching someone’s locker is a step too far in trying to stop this? I don’t think

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