Search Engine Optimisation Basics - Like a Chef Essay

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OOKING A TASTY SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS RANKING AND ONLINE POPULARITY No, it doesn't take culinary expertise to get yourself up in the search engine results. If you could call yourself a chef for having come up with a scrummy online strategy to popularise what you have to offer to people online and get them to have a "taste" of what you offer, then props would all be yours. Oh, no. I'm not one to give you props for it but your traffic statistics and the number of turn-outs that you get from them. In my honest opinion, I'm not so cracked about this Search Engine Optimisation process. It looks so scary and complicated I might burn the stove while trying to make it work. Then again after a period of working through various online business solutions, I have slowly been getting a grip. I learned the basics, yeah, and through trial and error, there a few things here and there that I have learnt and will continue to. But what about the SEO Kitchen? What does a businessman need to do to be more visible to their target audience? Hmmm, imagine yourself being in a real kitchen then, trying to cook something impressive to a group you're hosting. What are the kind of ingredients and the tools that you need, really? Let's see. To prepare yourself, you're going to need the following: > a list of at 100 words related to the kind of work you do or the topic you wished to be talked about > Google Keyword Tool > Content > Information on where your services can be availed Next, let's move on to how we can make this a scrummy bit. 1. For you to be able to come up with the best text for your content, or your article, you need the right kind of words or phrases. I mean keywords are really important but you cannot just sprinkle your paragraphs and sentences with the same set all the time. Imagine keywords to be the taste-enhancers. Sprinkling too much salt

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