Search And Destroy By Wayne Karlin Analysis

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Psychological Factors at War War is something that most people do not want to be associated with. A couple decades back people were drafted for war, nowadays people go to war because they need a job. The army, the military, the air force, and the navy offer people jobs with good benefits and good pay and in today’s economy people are grateful to be employed. War changes people, changes the way they think, changes the way they talk, changes the way they feel, and changes the way they see the world. Wayne Karlin’s “Search and Destroy” show the changes brought in the way the soldiers think as a result of the Vietnam War or the war in general. War makes people do things that they would have never done normally, war shows people things that…show more content…
The soldiers in both stories have experienced traumatic events which lead them into a mentally unstable state. The way death plays a role in each story makes the story seem real. Wayne Karlin’s “Search and Destroy” talks about the death of the rats in such a cruel and brutal way that it makes the soldiers seem like savages. This is all war’s doing, war has turned the soldiers into savages, into animals that hunt their prey. At war the motto is “kill or be killed” and the choice you make can lead to your survival or your death. In Tim O’Brien’s “The Man I Killed” shows the traumatized side of war, the effect the death of another human being can have on a person, even if the person is your enemy. Death in general can put a person in a traumatic stage, a mourning stage. Witnessing a death happen right in front of your eyes is something people remember for a long time, if not until their own death. Most of the soldiers that come back from war suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as shown on many news channels. Post-traumatic disorder has symptoms like sleeplessness, difficulty concentrating, nightmares, and feeling of detachment. All these problems are caused by one thing and one thing only,

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