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Numerical Reasoning Free Practice Test 1 Questions Booklet 1 Q1 Which share has shown the largest absolute range in price over the last year? (A) Huver Co. (B) Drebs Ltd (C) Fevs Plc (D) Fauvers Q2 (A) (B) (C) (D) What was yesterday’s cost difference between 50 shares in Fevs plc and 100 shares in Steapars? 164,726 Euros 172,577 Euros 164,045 Euros None of these Q3 Today’s Drebs Ltd share price represents a 40% increase on the price one month ago. What was the price a month ago? (A) 25.20 Euros (B) 12.68 Euros (C) 12.90 Euros (D) 12.86 Euros 2 Q4 (A) (B) (C) (D) How much is the total annual dividend payable for 1,550 shares in Drebs Ltd? Cannot say 635 Euros 2,232 Euros 2,418 Euros Q5 If the exchange rate is 1.15 Euros to the £, what is today’s value of 250 Drebs Ltd shares (in £s)? (A) £4,500 (B) £2,785 (C) £3,931 (D) £3,913 3 Q6 A field sales agent plans to travel on average 4,250 miles per month driving along motorways in her Xtam car. What is her projected average annual consumption of fuel (in gallons)? (A) Cannot say (B) 1,500 (C) 125 (D) 150 Q7 A car dealership has £600,000 to spend and wants to buy equal numbers of the Taber and Ursa cars. What is the largest number of each type of car that can be ordered? (A) 27 (B) 48 (C) 21 (D) 22 4 Q8 What is the ratio of the cost of a Taber: Velvo: Xtam? (A) 2:4:5 (B) 1:4:6 (C) 1:3:5 (D) 2:3:5 Q9 A Tink car is taken on a test drive for 90 minutes around the city. If the average speed is 34 miles per hour how much petrol is consumed? (A) 1.5 gallons (B) 2.5 gallons (C) 2 gallons (D) 0.5 gallons Q10 A family plans to spend a month driving around Scottish cities where the average cost of a gallon of petrol is

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