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Theresa Hughes Race and Ethnicity Final Paper Sean Bell Case Injustice is defined as the absence of justice or the violation of right or of the rights of another. Many people feel that a lot of cases are proved to be unjust or never receive justice because of the people involved. Race has become a very serious issue and is often brought up in court cases more than people tend to believe. The Sean Bell case is a prime example of case injustice. To start off the Sean Bell case was an example of Police brutality. Police Brutality is one of the most serious issues of human violation that is unaddressed because of the cover up by fellow police officers during internal investigations. There are many instances when police officers engage in the activities of rough physical behaviors such as shooting, beating, torture and other unnecessary brutal acts among citizens which often result in injury or sometimes even death. Suspects of a crime, the victims, as well as their families, who are seeking justice, are usually disregarded. Usually if not always the people who deserve to be held accountable by the brutal violation of human rights getaway from the due punishment and continue to do their foul crimes (Collins 1). The brutality of police officers believes that the Sean Bell case was just another case that could be included in the long list of the murders that were carried out by these people who are supposed to be serving and protecting human rights (Collins 1). The murder of Sean Bell stirred the rage of many people, especially the Black community against the New York police department. Sean's case was more evidence of the system that denied justice to the rightful people. Everything started in the early morning hours on Saturday, November 25, 2006. Sean Bell, Joseph Guzman, and Trent Benefield went into Jamaica, Queen's Kalua Cabaret to celebrate the

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