Sealed Air Case

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Sealed Air Corporation has become a global leader due to its innovative packaging materials and equipment and has experienced sales growth for more than twenty years. I believe that Sealed Air Corporation should consider targeting the following companies in order to keep his position as a global leader: • Glassware Companies - Lenox or Waterford can certainly benefit from Sealed Air Corporation innovative packaging materials. Glass is a very fragile and can also be very expensive and inadequate packaging can cause items to arrive broken. Effective packaging can result in reducing cost for many glass manufacturers and increase customers' satisfaction as well as brand loyalty. • Electronics - Companies such Best Buy or Amazon that sell Televisions, stereos and various high end electronics can utilized Sealed Air packaging materials to protect sensitive electronic components from breaking during transit or while in storage. • Food items - Many companies ship customized food packages that may contain fresh food and liquid items. Sealed Air Corporation can target companies that ship food packages and provide them with the shipping material that can allow packages to arrive to the final destination the way they were intended. • Art Items - Companies that sell art items or antiques can take advantage of any packing solutions provided by Sealed Air Corporation. Paintings and antiques are often very expensive and require a significant amount of cushioning and foam to provide the best protection. • Shipping companies - Various shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service would be great customers to target for Sealed Air Corporation. Sealed Air is known for providing packaging equipment and the companies aforementioned could benefit by increase customer's satisfaction by providing various packaging solutions. • Moving companies - Many of us
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