Seaford Beach Landform Analysis

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A. Introduction Seaford Beach is located at Seaford suburb that located 54 kilometers southeast of Melbourne’s Central Business District and faced to Port Phillip Bay (Figure 1) with extreme low relief which is lower than 9 meters (National Committee on Soil and Terrain, 2009). Figure 1. Distance between Melbourne Centre and Seaford suburb There are four different points with different landform pattern according to influence of surrounding area. (Figure 2). Figure 2. Location of Observation Points And the landform pattern of Seaford Beach is mainly Beach ridge plain with the landform elements, such as beach, foredune, tidal creek and wetland (Table 1)(National Committee on Soil and Terrain, 2009) By using Universal Transverse Mercator…show more content…
Foredune and Second dune For the natural processes, Foredune and Second dune both are influenced by the seasonal wind, waves and parent rocks form Port Phillip Bay. During the flooding period from Port Phillip Bay and hardened into sedimentary rocks consequently, Foredune was formed as sediments washed from land by waves where eroded to form the underlying bedrock of the area (Gregory 1912) In terms of temporal scale, the pattern and shape of Seaford Beach influenced by seasonal alternations in dominant waves, which affected by two different directional wave during summer and winter months (Bird, 2011) There are gently curved beaches on coasts of Port Phillip Bay shaped by locally generated waves instead of received ocean swell (Figure 4) Although the beach materials, like sand and seashell, are removed seaward by storm waves, the coast outlines would maintain the smoothly curved shapes when the shape is established (Bird,…show more content…
In Foredune and Second dune, the natuarl process plays an important role that shaping the fundamental coastline of Seaford, and the beach nourhishment influence the soil contents. In Kananook Creek and Wetland, the human impacts reform the original hydrologic patterns from large Carrum Carrum Swamp to a creek and wetland. Four observation points are interacting with each other and showing the distinction in terms of soils, hydrology and vegetation affected by natural processes and human impacts. There are two different types of clay content among these points (Figure 23) that is sandy loam in Foredune, Second Dune and Kananook Creek that is covered about 1020% of clay, and medium clay which contains more than 45% of clay in Seaford Wetland where is a wetland. (ASRIS, 2014) Due to the different types of soil content, there are different types of vegetation growing and hence different environments formed acting as distinct inhabit and patch for animals. Moreover, there is an effective and useful ways to consider how to develop and reshape of the city planning in the future by analyzing the landform of the natural

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