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Seabuckthorn (Hippophae salicifolia) Management for the Upliftment of Local Livelihood in Mustang District Rajesh Rajchal Final Report For The Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation 2008 Acknowledgments I feel privileged by doing this project. The study provided me an opportunity to look into a very important species (Hippophae salicifolia) in Mustang District. For providing this opportunity, I am grateful to Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation, UK and ComForM (Community Based Natural Forest and Tree Management in the Himalaya) (IoF, Pokhara) without support of which this project would not have been possible. I express my profound gratitude and thanks to Dr. Bimal Keshari Paudyal (Lecturer, IoF, Pokhara), Mr. Santosh Rayamajhi (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) and Ram Prasad Sharma (Norwegian University of Life Science (UMB), Norway), whose untiring help, constant encouragement and guidance invigorated and inspired me to accomplish this project. My sincere and cordial thanks also go to Dr. Henrik Meilby (Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark) for his practical suggestions and brotherly guidance from the very beginning of the project. Their patience, understanding and overwhelming commitment to my work are deeply appreciated. I am indebted to Dr. Helle O. Larsen (Research and Education Advisor, ComForM), Mr. Lila Puri (Research Officer, ComForM), Mr. Sanjeeb Bhattarai (Research Assistant, ComForM) and Mr. Kiran Thapa (Account Officer, ComForM) for their kind cooperation, encouragements and for providing moral as well as technical support from the very beginning of this project. I am also highly indebted to Madhav Prasad Baral and Prabhat Sapkoata (Center for Biodiversity and Environment Conservation, Pokhara) for their support in training and other project activities. Dr. Sanjai Kumar Dwivedi (Deputy Director, Defense Research and

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