Sea Oak Analysis

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Professor Lintz English 102 25 September 2015 Comparison of ‘Sea oak’ and ‘A very old man with enormous wings’ In 'Sea Oak', the "Religion" theme is utilized as a part of negative and sarcastic tone. In the dialog between the narrator and his dad when he went to the house after Aunt Bernie came back from death, we can perceive how "Religion" is used in an apparatus to abuse poor people, not helping them. Additionally, in a few ways, Aunt Bernie speaks to Jesus Christ. She was raised from death like Jesus, and she has the "superpowers" like the future's prophets and making thumbprints on individuals' brows. Additionally, she carried on with her entire life devotedly and passed on virgin, which is identified with the foundation of…show more content…
"Against the judgment of the wise neighbor woman, for whom angels in those times were the fugitive survivors of a celestial conspiracy, they did not have the heart to club him to death." (4 Márquez) In a great deal of South and Central American nations, Catholicism blended with neighborhood or other imported convictions to shape syncretic religions like Santeria—half holy people and Jesus; half malice spirits and herb solution. What's more, the neighbor lady appears to incline somewhat more toward the shrewd spirits side. In ‘Sea Oak’ the “Suffering” theme is used in the narrator is an abject condition between with his family members. The narrator works hard as a stripper, doing whatever he could to gain money to his family. He additionally has dreams and wishes for a superior life appeared in his expressions of Canada. However, nothing appears to show signs of improvement regardless of how hard he tries. In ‘A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings’ the theme is utilized as the very old man begins off in awful condition, and it just gets worse. He crash-lands in the tempest, gets caught in a chicken coop, winds up jabbed and nudged by curious crows, and is then treated like a disregarded and undesirable pet. His sad state, and the absence of empathy by the general population around him, is a way’s representation that the weakest individual’s torment just appears to
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