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Sea Micro Essay

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SeaMicro was focusing on the servers used by Facebook and Google to provide cloud services over the Internet. Often the servers handle simple tasks, such as delivering e-mail or a Facebook page. Meanwhile, the big computer makers such as HP and Dell were not adapting to the cloud services model. At the time of SeaMicro’s founding, computer makers were focusing on building servers that had as many cores, or brains, as possible. However, those microprocessors used a lot of electricity, and generating a lot of heat in a confined space and consuming so much power that the electricity bill became bigger than the cost of the equipment. Instead of buying such powerful computers designed for the complex needs of a few internal users, cloud-service providers wanted servers to handle millions of customers.

SeaMicro recognized those customer requirements and stepped into a cloud server market that was underserved. Little capital was expended on R&D and innovation. Companies such as IBM, HP, Dell and other server makers rolled out products, but instead of helping their enterprise customers’ transition to a low-power, cloud-enabled future, offered products on incremental versions of their existing server storage and networking products. SeaMicro was designing servers that require less space and power than conventional machines yet perform just as well.

Michael Tushman and Charles O'Reilly suggest that discontinuous innovation involves breaking with the past to create new technologies, processes, and organizational "S-curves" that result in significant leaps of value to the customer. Similarly, Clay Christensen, Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad, and James Utterback describe discontinuous innovation as involving "disruptive technologies," "discontinuities," or "radical innovations" that permit entire industries and markets to emerge, transform, or disappear. Using the above as a guideline, I would argue that SeaMicro did implement a radical, discontinuous product innovation....

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