Se Habla Espanol

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In the essay “Se Habla Espanol” by Tanya Maria Barrientos she describes the conflicts of being a Spanish woman in America. She is originally from Guatemalan descent but then her parents bought her to the United States to continue her education. When she gets here to the US her parents force her to only speak English and completely give up her roots of Spanish language. She explains in the middle of the passage how that people that call themselves Mexican or Afro Americans were considered dangerous radicals. Also that people here in America seem to forget where they originated from. In the quote “law-abiding citizens were expected to drop their cultural baggage at the border and erase any lingering ethnic traits” she basically tries to explain that once you become a citizen here in the US you are expected to drop any ethnic traits you may have and just be known as American. Later in the essay she struggles with being an American and not knowing much Spanish. Any Spanish people she would talk to would assume she already knew Spanish when she didn’t know any at all. Towards the ending of the essay she wanted to be considered a latina but she felt it wasn’t relevant for her to call herself latina if she didn’t know much Spanish. She then begins to wonder if there is any other people in the world that are just like her that are bilingual but don’t really fit in with their culture because of the American culture they have developed while being a
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