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POP ART Pop art emerged in both New York and Great Britain around the mid 1950s and became the dominant player in the 1960’s, it has now become the biggest movement in the twentieth century, and it draws themes from popular culture such as television, films, comics and advertising. [cited 12/12/2010] By the early fifties artists began to realise that their culture was being highly determined by mass media, new technology and by social change this was an effect of increased Americanization of Europe states T. Osterworld, Pop Art, 2007. The older generation of artist such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth were not kin to reflect the new cultural transformation; it was this that made the Independent group held an informal meeting to discuss the cultural events at the institute of contemporary arts in London states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 63). Members of this institution include Richard Hamilton and Neil Henderson they were said to be the organisational minds of the groups states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg63). Osterworld also stated the topics of the meetings included artistic techniques beyond the traditional forms of representation, action painting, folk culture, the mass media, advertising, the cinema and comics. They discussed these concepts with the intention of “bringing their alternative views to bear on contemporary cultural problems and of formulating a response adequate to the demands of their day” T. Osterworld, Pop Art, 2007 pg 63 Pop Culture and Pop art was being refereed to mass popular culture rather than works of art by 1958-stated Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 71). Pop Art was now being employed to describe new works of art produced and had spread to become the central stylistic concept on the scene stated Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 71). The first stage of British Pop Art had focussed on performed media imagery, then the changed in society that brought along the

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