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Identity and belonging Prompt: ‘A persons sense of individual identity is always changing in response to their experiences in life’ Discuss. As we are left to face and tackle with the seething troubles, challenges and trails that accompany our lifespan on this Earth, our sense of identity undergoes a continuous change. In spite of how others perceive us, our identity is how we view ourselves, and a self-representation of our interests, relationships and social activity. This view we have of ourselves and our stance on the overall essence of life are subject to change as we mature and come into contact with new environments. A person’s sense of identity is always developing and evolving in relation to their surroundings, challenges, failures, hurdles and achievements. Every so often, personal identity can be subtly reformed over a gradual time frame. At other times, it can determine all we become, and ultimately reshape our entire being- this, all in due hands of life’s unrest to contribute turbulence and distress to our existence. In addition to the daily struggles faced on the voyage of life, many people cradle personal conflicts and face particular disputes with the basis of their identity. A series of life experiences may compel us to alter our identity, and forcibly change how we identify and differentiate ourselves. Together, social and communal contexts can alter the way we think and feel about ourselves, making us question the reason behind the preconceptions and prejudice we face concerning our identity. Take the religion discrimination in the Hindu-dominated job market for example, where a series of Muslims were obliged to assume fake identities to simply blend in with the ‘norm’ of the community. ‘Workplace discrimination forces Muslims to adopt fake Hindu identities. Because of the discrimination, most Muslims are unable to upgrade their standard of

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