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Multicultural Literature Scrutinizing Beloved Beloved is a book written by Toni Morrison. In the novel, Morrison recounts the history of slavery in the United States through the eyes of an ex-slave Sethe. The themes are a continuum throughout the story as Sethe tries to prove that she is a good mother despite what the community and the people around her think. Sethe means the God of confusion in Egypt. Sethe has lots of confusion in her life and in her brain. Spirituality is another theme or topic used often throughout the book. Religion and/or spirituality are very important in the slaves’ lives and very instrumental in bridging the relationship between the community and Sethe. In the novel Morrison depicts passionate motherhood and family values, horrific slavery and the unifying power of religion. This tragedy contains a combination of love, hate and deception. The main plot is about a mother named Sethe, who attempts to kill her children to save them from the terrors of slavery. Sethe succeeds on killing one but the rest are knocked unconscious and thought to be dead by the slave owners. The child she kills is named Beloved and Beloved’s ghost is haunting her trying to find out why she decides to butcher her. Beloved is adored by her family and is killed out of love. The name is a term of endearment. Beloved’s name is much different from what she portrays; her persona is revengeful, hurtful and very evil. Sethe is a very strong person but weak at times. She is giving and caring even though Sethe worries about things or people being taken from her. Morrison describes motherhood and family importance throughout the entire book. Sethe’s husband, Halle, and their children, mean the whole world to her. Halle loves his mother Baby Suggs so much; that he is willing to stay in slavery longer to buy her freedom. That is true love from a son to a mother! Baby

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