Scrooge and a Lonely Insect on a Leaf

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Scrooge and a Lonely Insect on a Leaf In Charles Dickens classic story, “A Christmas Carol”, he presents the life of Ebenezer Scrooge during the Victorian times in London. The second of the three spirits refers to Scrooge as, “An insect on a leaf proclaiming that there is to much life among his hungry brothers”(234). Just as a leaf supplies much more food than an insect needs, Scrooge also had enough food. On Christmas morning after his experience with three spirits, Scrooge calls down to a boy on his street saying, “Do you know whether they’ve sold the prize turkey that was hanging up there…go and buy it for me,”(240). This shows that after the last spirit visited Scrooge; he had a change of heart. He is now generous, and appreciative. Scrooge can afford to purchase the prize turkey, and does, for the Cratchit family. He hoarded his money, at the beginning of the story, but now realizes that sharing will bring joy to others and himself. Like an insect on a leaf, Scrooge had an abundance of food and would not go hungry. Others who were less fortunate, were forced to seek food and shelter in the workhouse and poor houses. When two gentlemen visitors came by to ask for donation to stop poor people going to poor houses and workhouses, Scrooge replied, “I’m glad to hear it. From what you said I was afraid someone had stopped its operation”(224). This proves that Scrooge had a luxury shelter and never been force to go to a workhouse or a poor house. Wealthy and ignorant, Scrooge doesn’t give money to the gentlemen, because he doesn’t care if the people have to go to a poorhouse or a workhouse, because he never had the experience of being poor. This also proves, that Scrooge doesn’t think it is his business to interfere with other people’s business (only his own business). He thought that he should not take care of the poor, only himself, because he does not

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