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Script During Job Interview Essay

  • Submitted by: myrlebodz
  • on March 9, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Applicant: Good morning Ma’am.
Secretary: Good morning, what can I do for you?
Applicant: I’m ______________, applying for the vacant position in your company, may
I speak with the manager?
Secretary:Okay, please have a seat and wait for a while, I have to tell the manager.
Applicant: Thank you.
Secretary: Please excuse me Ma’am, there’s an applicant waiting for you.
Manager: Okay, let him in.
Secretary: Okay Ma’am.
Secretary: Miss, you may now get inside.
Applicant: Thank you.
Applicant: Good morning Ma’am.
Manager: Good morning, have a seat
Applicant: Thank you ma’am.
Manager: so what made you here?
Applicant: I want to apply for the vacant position in your company ma’am.
Manager: What’s your name?
Applicant: I’m ____________________.
Manager: May I have your documents?
Applicant: Yes ma’am.
Manager: So, how can you describe yourself, Ms. ______________?
Applicant: I am a competitive individual. I have a unique combination of strong technical skills to build long term customer relationships. I am hardworking and willing to extend my hands and time for every responsibility given to me. I am a fresh
college graduate and graduated as a cumlaude of a prestigious school.
Manager: How do you handle challenges?
Applicant: I face it with all of the best I can do. In terms of financial problems, I can coordinate and negotiate with the team to make it solve within a short period of time.
Manager: Why do you want this job?
Applicant: I want this job because I want to face another challenge in my life to enhance my skills and abilities for me to become more helpful in the community.
Manager: Why should we hire you?
Applicant: There are two reasons I should be hired. Firstly, my qualifications match your needs perfectly. Secondly I’m excited and passionate about this industry and the position and will always give my 100%.
Manager: Where do you see yourself five (5) years from...

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