Screwtape Letters Theme

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“The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis and The Mall Demons Series by Pedro Ramirez III address the battles between demons and angels and how the spiritual war affects humanity. In Lewis’ book Screwtape is writing to his nephew Wormwood about the do’s and don’ts of acquiring his patient (human) and keeping them away from the grasp of the Enemy (God). In Ramirez’ series, he portrays a mall-based war brewing between heaven and hell, with a human named Daniel standing for mankind. To help the readers understand, I will analyze the theme, imagery and setting used by both authors. Both books speak about a spiritual battle, though they are explained to the reader in different ways. As Screwtape writes in his first letter to his nephew Wormwood in Lewis’ book, he…show more content…
He pens, “Sargas cleared his throat, then leaned over and spit a stream of hellish, black phlegm onto Jose’s head. It covered his forehead, poured down his face and into his mouth… (III, Series 4: The Storm Rolls In, 2012).” Ramirez again teases the ocular senses of the reader with his description of the apprentice demon eating Lily. In the words of Ramirez, “…Lily saw the monster lunge at her and then felt a heavy weight crush her body. He had devoured all of her except her head when he heard a roar. The apprentice demon quickly swallowed it whole, sucking in the strands of her hair like they were spaghetti” (III, 2nd Series: Swift To Sin, Swift To Shed Blood, 2012). Ramirez’ art of imagery is also greatly displayed in the prelude to the series when he describes the exit of the demons from the mall to the open-air market, he writes “…the master sneered, then raised his left hand and swirled at the air with his index finger and pinky finger extended. The air reacted like rippling water…” (III, Death Speaks Loudest To Those Who Flee - Prelude,
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