Screwtape Letters Character Analysis

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In the novel Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis the author makes it clear that although evil is a terribly prevailing entity it is no match for good. The novel is about the foresight into the human mind from the outlook of two demons, Screwtape, and Wormwood. He uses Christian morals and takes the opposite of them to try to condemn a young man to an afterlife in Hell. C.S. Lewis uses a combination of letters in the novel, which are addressed by Screwtape whom is speaking to Wormwood. Screwtape sounds amicable throughout but underneath there is a sarcastic force within and an illusive animosity towards Wormwood. In every letter, he scrutinizes him one way or another, towards the end of the novel it shows Screwtape’s absolute fury at Wormwoods failure when his patient dies a Christian. Being said no matter how hard he try’s to promote sin in his Patient they ultimately fail. C.S. Lewis uses the intention of the Devil versus the purpose of God for humanity to promote sin in his patient, showing how the two characters being completely different yet the two both having the same outcome in mind, and influences on distorting the imagination. Furthermore, in Screwtape Letters it…show more content…
Throughout the book Screwtapes patience is tested, "I sometimes wonder if you think you have been sent into this world for your own amusement" (Lewis 106). Each letter that Screwtape receives produces a new problem to solve, and more patience is needed. Although Screwtape has a lot of good advise, Wormwood doesn't always use it, being to proud to admit needing help. After Screwtape tells him to keep his patient away from love, "So! Your man is in love-and in the worst kind possibly have fallen into- and with a girl who does not even appear in the report you sent me" (Hoper 82). C.S. Lewis shows how evil fights against good forces on a daily basis. The reader sees how demons manipulate our lives and how Christians can counter act the
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