Screwtape Letters Essay

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Screwtape letters analysis In C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, Lewis has a Christian world view. He formulates this Christian world view through a series of letters from a senior demon Screwtape to his tempter demon nephew wormwood. These letters from uncle Screwtape advise his nephew on how to tempt and lure a newly converted Christian away from Christ and eventually damn him an eternity in Hell. With heavy satire, dramatic and situational, Lewis shows how the devils views Christian society and how he tries to manipulate Christians into losing their faith through subtle ways. In this satire C.S. Lewis exposes man’s great and tiny faults and how the devil tries to take advantage of each of them to make his walk with God miserable until the Christian falls. The worldview in the Screwtape letters is a Christian worldview. Lewis shows that Christianity is ultimately logical and that one of the main ways the devil tries to attack Christians is to avoid logic. Lewis conveys this view through many of Screwtape’s letters to his nephew when he gives him advice. Screwtape tells his nephew that if he avoids logical arguments and tries to confuse the patient, the patient will stop thinking logically. Instead of worshiping the creator humans sometime worship the creations, which would be like saying how talented the painting is rather than acknowledging how talented the painter is. When one thinks logically Christianity is a good thing, but then the devil uses an illogical argument and convinces humans otherwise. Lewis’ Christian world view is best conveyed through the use of his situational irony. A good Christian goes to Church but the devil may use even the church to get Christians closer to damnation in Hell. Lewis exposes how sometimes even the church can cause people to become separated from God. Lewis shows how the church can combat losing Christians by exposing the
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