Screening and Assessment Unit 9 Assignment Essay

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Unit 9 Assignment PS410: Screening and Assessment Kaplan University October 1, 2015 Functional Behavioral Analysis Report When conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment, there are many variables that need to be documented, and specific tools that should be utilized to record this documentation. Depending on the complexity of a case, the likelihood that legal proceedings will occur as a result of the Functional Behavioral Assessment, the procedures that are utilized, and what is believed to be the best form of practice within this field, the amount of documentation needed to construct a full comprehensive report can vary (Steege & Watson, 2009). To demonstrate the amount of documentation that should go into a Functional Behavioral Analysis Report a sample will be provided from a case study, which will include: identifying information, a reason for referral, assessment procedures and a description of those procedures, results of the assessment, identification and description of interfering behaviors, the current level of occurrence of those behaviors, identification of antecedent, individual, and consequence variables, the parameters of reinforcement, hypothesized functions of interfering behaviors, examples of how the antecedent, individual, and consequence variables influence the start of interfering behaviors, and evidence and function based interventions (Steege & Watson, 2009). Identifying information Name: Michael Jones Parents’ names: Calvin and Jade Jones Date of Birth: November 12, 1980 Institution: The Frontier House Group Home Date of Report: October 1, 2015 Referral Information Michael was referred by the administrator of the group home, Karen Hanner, because of concerns that have arisen due to his self-injurious and destructive behaviors that are currently occurring within the home and at the workshop, where he works two days a

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