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Chapter Four- School Bells Since I was a mommy’s girl and always would cry when she wasn’t around, I myself even knew school wasn’t going to be easy! I attended the Village Charter School. The first day didn’t turn out bad at all! After seeing other kids without their parents made me feel like a baby. I wanted to be a big girl like them so I made up in my mind I could go a day without her. Throughout the day I was taught not just how to say my ABC’s but to write them too. School to me was fun. Our everyday routine were go to our classroom and learn, have lunch, go to recess, take a nap and then go home. My teacher told my mommy when we had conferences that I was one of her excellent students. I did all of my work at school and at home if need be. She made sure I stayed on task. Around second grade was when I began to get unacceptable reports! Nothing major, just that I was a “chatterbox”! My neighbor who sat next to me always had a story to tell and instead of telling or ignoring her I joined in! After a while we were allowed to chat because we did a lot of group projects. We learned about how rocks were formed, watched caterpillars turn into butterflies and baby chicks hatch! At the time we didn’t have any school plays or sports that I could participate in. I wasn’t really into that anyway! Right after school I waited impatiently in the class for my mother. When she didn’t come on time I use to always run in the corner and cry until I saw her van pull up! Then I would wipe my eyes and run up to her like nothing ever happened! I didn’t let her know because I didn’t like being a crybaby but I loved my mommy so much! I use to take ballet and jazz class too! Every Saturday, it was experiencing but after being there for a period of time I was finished with it. it was something I always wanted to do but being without my mom didn’t feel right, so I decided to

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