Scout Finch compared to Harry Potter

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Scout Finch and Harry Potter are two very special and very different kids. Scout and Harry have very different lives, yet still have some similarities. They are both different, both have had loss, and they are both very accepting people. Scout is a tomboy, living in the south in the 1930s. Unlike most people in her society, she is not a racist, and she solves her problems by fighting. This is not very common behaviour for a young girl in her time period. Harry is much more out of the ordinary than Scout. He is famous in his world for modern day UK in the hidden Wizarding World. Defeating an evil wizard and stopping his tyranny and killing spree. He has some special powers that few people possess. Plus Harry is almost killed every year. They’re two very different kids, both out of the ordinary but in very different societies. Scout and Harry both have less than perfect family situations. Both of Harry’s parents are dead and Scout’s mother is dead. Unfortunately, they both share the similarity of having uptight and controlling aunts. Although Harry’s aunt is verbally abusive and cruel while Scout’s aunt is very proper and is trying to make Scout a typical lady. Scout’s aunt is also a racist, and she does not embrace Scout’s individuality. I think that there situations make them more mature, and thus different than other kids their ages. Scout and Harry are both very accepting people. Scout is one of the only white people who isn’t racist in her county, and she is accepting of all people and is more interested in people’s differences than anything. Harry lives in a world where there are different species of talking beings, and he is accepting of all of them. He associates with people who don’t have pure magic blood, while people with pure magic blood look down on them, he treats house elves as equals, when others treat them like slaves and are physically and
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