Scotty's Narrative

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Late October, and the sun is finally down, there’s a steady cool breeze roaming through the air, and an unusual but pleasant sound escaping a small corner at the end of the street. What is this place Scotty asks himself? Extremely interested and intrigued to find out what this place is he wonders about, Scotty gradually begins to make his way down the street. Each step he takes on the uneven road that consists of gravel and broken rocks, the sound becomes much clearer. Finally he realizes that this sound is the famous art of jazz music that he learned about in 6th grade orchestra class. He liked this unique style of music, it ran through his body and made him want to dance proudly and yell with an extreme amount of excitement. But his reaction to this…show more content…
The cars that were pulling up were gorgeous; BMW's, Mercedes, and he even saw one Masserati. But that’s not all that he was confused by, the people that were exiting the cars were dressed so formal that he had never seen so many dresses sparkle in the moonlight, or so many perfectly tied bowties that you couldn’t even fit a grain of salt through the collar. Seeing these people he knew that he had to find out what was going on inside that so many men and women had to dress up for. So when the men weren’t looking, he raced to the door. He came across a big problem though, right before he was going to open the door he saw a sign that read in big red letters, " MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO ENTER." At first he thought his chances of getting inside were over, until he heard a foreign language from the back of the building. He walked slowly to the words that he did not understand until he saw a couple of waiters communicating about something important in front of an entrance. This was it he told himself. If he would get in any were it would be when the waiters turned away and he could sneak right behind them. So when the moment was right he slithered like a snake right by their eyes, and

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