Scottish Independence Essay

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SUMMARY On 18 September 2014 you will be asked to vote in a referendum on the question: ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’ The Scottish Government believes you should vote Yes. This guide sets out the gains of independence for Scotland – whichever party is in government – and this Government’s vision and priorities for action if we are the first government of an independent Scotland. It also explains the process by which Scotland will become independent following a Yes vote and how our newly independent Scotland will work. Scotland has many natural advantages. The foundations of our economy are strong. We have abundant natural resources. We have a talented population with many world-class businesses and institutions. We have a proud history, progressive traditions, fine intellectual and artistic accomplishments, a strong identity and many friends across the world. Through devolution, the people of Scotland have experienced some of the benefits of independence. The advantages of taking decisions for ourselves have been clear. Crime is lower. Health outcomes have improved. In many ways – like our unemployment rate – our economy is stronger than the UK as a whole. The Scottish Parliament has protected the NHS from privatisation and restored our tradition of free education. This guide lays out how we can complete Scotland’s journey to home rule and become a fully independent country. If Scotland votes Yes in the referendum the Scottish Government will negotiate so that Scotland becomes independent on 24 March 2016. In detail, this guide sets out: The case for independence Decisions about Scotland – decisions that affect us, our families, our communities and the future of our country – should be taken in Scotland to reflect the views and concerns of the Scottish people, rather than by governments at Westminster with different priorities,

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