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Background to Raw and Interview Questions The Author 1. Scott Monk was born in northern New South Wales in Macksville in 1974. In Year 8 English Monk’s class was asked to write a short story. Scott submitted a 200 page book much to the surprise of classmates and teacher. He wrote his first novel at the age of 19 and the book Boyz ‘R’ Us received much acclaim. Scott published Raw in 1998 and Raw was later set for study in N.S.W HSC. Scott lived in Adelaide from 1994-2003 working as a journalist for the Adelaide Advertiser. He later moved back to Sydney in 2003 where he is currently working as a sub-editor for The Australian newspaper. Context 1. The central issues of the novel are youth and crime. All the boys are there…show more content…
Monk describes The Farm as not as perceived by Brett as a juvenile detention centre but he highlights it’s positive effects, especially Sam as a mentor figure and that he is willing to give people second chances to try and learn from their mistakes. 4. Didactic is being taught a lesson and Brett is most prone to this as he learns to work as a unit in The Farm and his actions have reflections on The Farm as a whole. Structure 1. Monk uses a prologue to help introduce us to the character that is Brett, but its not giving too much away to spoil the story for us. The prologue establishes the context of the novel and it deals with a period of time that occurs prior to the main action of the novel. 2. The epilogue is there after the climax of the novel and it provides us with a sense of closure, although we don’t find out Brett’s ultimate fate. 3. Raw is written in a third person view, this is evident due to the use of pronouns such as: she, it, him, his, her, its, they and theirs. 4. The protagonist in the novel is Brett and the effect it has is it allows us an insight into Brett’s feelings. We learn about The Farm and other characters due to Brett’s interactions and experiences with…show more content…
The novel is set in N.S.W although there are mentions of various other locations. We meet Brett in Sydney but after his trial, and subsequent road trip. The majority of the novel is set just outside of northern N.S.W town of Mungindi and in the surrounding towns of Yuriyuri and Boomi. Interview With Scott Monk 1. Monk at high school was freaky, geeky guy with zits whom all the cool girls ignored. Monk was considered an outcast so to speak in high school very unpopular and liked to keep to himself. Scott connected with one particular teacher in high school, which helped to grow Scott’s creative writing, and evidently changed his life. 2. Monk has targeted a male audience because he wanted to write stories which boys wanted to read, about boys’ problems and issues not so much about girls. He also focused largely on a male audience to help counter the large number of female character-oriented books and female authors. 3. The six main themes in Raw are: institutions, power, self-responsibility, and love versus lust, second chances and relationships. Institutions | The role of the courts and prison system give people a chance to reform. Often institutions play an important role as what the offender will do once released and The Farm gives people the opportunity to learn skills which will allow them to find a job once released.

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