Scott Mccreery Back On The Ground Analysis

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The Graduate – Assignment One Youth can be defined as an early period of existence or development. One who is still of youth must be accompanied by an adult, whether it is a parent or a guardian, to guide one through this immature period of time and teach one the way of life. In today’s society, it is quite ironic that most teenagers believe that their lives are extremely difficult and cannot wait to break away from the arms of their family and loved ones. This inexperienced mindset can lead a child down a path of isolation towards the real world where he/she will be tested with nobody there to look up to. Scotty McCreery, a teenage country singer and former American Idol winner, performs a song called “Back on the Ground” which illustrates how sometimes in life we lose a sense of what things really mean the most to us. He demonstrates how we always want to explore elsewhere, but there comes a point in our lifetime when we realize that family means the world to us and we should not let it go. In the third stanza of the song he says, “…I remember when I couldn’t wait to get out of her hair and ditch this town. I was restless a time to move on…” This exemplifies the desire of young teenagers to break away from their parents and leap into reality with no sense of direction. In the same stanza McCreery states, “…Now it’s any reason to go back…show more content…
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