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The Language of Comics When I first started reading The Language of Comics by Scott McCloud, I was a little confused. I was not precise about what the author was trying to say or what the main point of him telling me all of this was. However, a few pages into the article I began to understand the message. I believe that the main point of the article was to tell people that humans are self-centered and see only what they want to see, On Pg. 24-25 (Frames 1-10), Scott McCloud uses the painting of a pipe to explain that what you see in a picture is not actually what you see. As a human, when you first examine the picture you see a painting of a pipe, but, in reality, it actually is not a painting of a pipe. It is copies of a drawing that was made from the original painting. On Pg. 31 (Frames 7&8), he tells how a circle, two dots, and a line are perceived as a face and how our mental stigma forces us to always see that combination of strokes as a face. I like the way in which he puts everything into a comic book. By doing that, it makes the article much easier to read and more interesting. I think that if he had just written a traditional article filled with words, he would not have gotten his point across as easily. In addition, I think that if this had not been placed into the comic book format, a lot of people would have disagreed with what he was trying to explain. I have never been a big fan of comic books, but I have seen people get deeply into them. People, when reading a comic, they tend to get so far into it that they begin to see there selves within in the comic. Just as McCloud’s states on Pg. 36 (Frame 4), “But when you enter the world of the cartoon you see yourself.” McCloud States on Pg. 33 (Frames 2&3), “we assign identities and emotions where none exist and we make the world over in our own image.” In that, I think he is saying humans
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