Scott Horton On The Bush Administration Analysis

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An Analysis of Scott Horton on the Bush Administration President George W. Bush will be always be remembered in American history. It will not be because he was a remarkable leader, rather he will be remembered as the dishonourable president who guided his county into a chaotic state. This is the widespread opinion of the former President from an international perspective. There are, however, a small percentage of people who continue to support him regardless of his abundant mistakes and his extreme lack of judgment in state affairs. Since Bush’s inauguration into office in 2000, there have been conflicting views from the American people and the world, concerning his capability to govern this powerful nation. Although he never faced impeachment,…show more content…
These titles include: “the crimes”, “the consequences of inaction”, “the possible methods of sanction”, “a two-part solution”, and “the implementation” (Horton, 2008). The first section, the crimes, summarizes the extent of the criminal behaviour executed by this Republican government during its eight year term. Horton emphasizes that this administration is the most unlawful in American history and that it is impossible for the nation to move ahead without ensuring that justice prevails. He lists a number of serious offenses that oppose the right to freedom and democratic practices altogether. Horton accuses the governing body of frequently exploiting its power in having the Justice Department instigate repression among voters. Furthermore, the lawyers who were inspecting the unlawful actions of these political criminals were quietly discharged of their duty and the incriminating evidence was concealed. The Bush administration was also spying regularly on religious and political groups in the country, while it covertly introduced a tremendously illegal surveillance program that caused conflict among senior officials in the Justice Department. Horton attributes this illicit monitoring device as the reason behind the “War on Terror” because it misleadingly revealed all of intelligence’s information on Iraq to both…show more content…
Horton lists a series of Americans who have been convicted since 1902 to crimes of torture, notably involving waterboarding. He draws attention to the fact that the Bush administration admits to consenting to the practice of waterboarding and that this form of torture is a severe criminal offense in the United States. In order for democracy to prevail, the law makers cannot be the law breakers (Horton, 2008). This is the most important of Horton’s arguments. Once a governing body pursues illegal actions, there is potential that all laws will ultimately be ignored and the democratic values of a nation will disintegrate. Furthermore, if the government is not following the rules than the public will also abide by this negative example and society will become a state of turmoil. Horton explains that it is the responsibility of the American public to decide if they will support a government that represents illegitimacy and maltreatment of human beings in the name of the United States of America (Horton, 2008). Since the people elect a leader, it is in their power to choose a governing body that will promote all-American values instead of publically endorsing illegal torture methods and other criminal

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