Scott Hain Essay

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Scott Hain Case Study Scott Hain was a 17 years old at the time he and his friend carjacked, robbed, stuffed the victims in the trunk and set fire to the vehicle subsequently killing both Michael Houghton and Laura Sanders in what started out as a carjacking on October 6, 1987. The issues of the case were the death penalty and if it was just for a juvenile to receive that sentence. The case was contrary to the “normal” standards of justice because society tends to view minors as unable to commit such crimes that would end up in an execution. Hain had a history of theft, trespassing, theft, etc during his juvenile years. The case had brought much attention to the issue of executing juvenile offenders and caused the Supreme Court to address raising the age for such punishment to 18. Both Scott Hain and his friend, Robert Lambert, were drinking while under the age and they weren’t in the right state of mind. They were looking to get into trouble on that awful day. They saw the 2 victims in a parking lot outside of a Tulsa, OK bar and decided to hijack their car and abduct the two people in it. The robbed them, assaulted then shoved them in the trunk of the vehicle. During this time of the trial and conviction of murder in Oklahoma capital punishment was legal. Sixteen years later he was given the lethal injection and executed. He was the last minor to be executed. During the teenage years it says in the Morality Play book that, “Opponents argue that because of their emotional and cognitive immaturity, juveniles are not as capable as adults” (15). Juveniles aren’t at an age in which they take responsibility for their actions. Environmental factors can also contribute to delinquency. Scott Hains grew up in a house where his parents were alcoholics and never gave him the caring or support a young child needs. Hain was introduced to drugs by his parents at
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