Scorched Earth Essay

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SCORCHED EARTH 1. Choose a major theme from the book and discuss its importance to the plot. How did Robbins' develop this theme? Give specific examples (do not quote) where the theme you chose is crucial to the story development. As the title mentioned compendiously, “Scorched Earth” was a insightful novel about love, hatred, influence, hurt, death and healing; all emotions and situations that can be easily found in daily life. Humans were born different races, backgounds and characteristics, but they all meet each other at a resemble point: weakness. From character to character, David Robbins pointed out clearly different aspects which built up a man and were used to judge a man. Human being is composed of conscience and devil, and the boundary between them makes a heroic or an evil figure. Let’s look at Thomas Derby, a character whose actions were the main conflict in the story, and George Talley, who was considered as the county’s hero. The character Thomas Derby left a unforgettable, almost confusing impression to the readers. He was definitely a good guy with no doubt. He protected the Waddle from the hypocritical deacons. He was on the justice’s side. He was a brave man in the story about Mr. Jacobson. But at the end of the story, he suddenly appeared as Amanda’s boyfriend and also the one who burnt the church. That was the threshold that Thomas couldn’t pass. By law, he was a sinner and might be sentenced to death. But on moral side, he deserved to be sympathized and forgiven. He was as feeble as each of us. What made him do those were people the society where he lived. And it could be said that no one had the right to judge him except God. On the other hand, George Talley was the county’s well known Sherriff. Throughout the story, he had done no crime except breaking his daughter’s jaw twice. However, George never allowed anyone to sway his position.
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