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This second book report is for Mr. Samuel Jaja and the class of 9B. The book's title is Scorch Trials written by James Dashner. The book contains three hundred and sixty pages and was published by Delacorte Press in 2011. I read this book because it is the continuation to the first book of the saga. The book is a New York time bestselling series. The Main character is one of the creators of "The Maze". (will be explained later). He is chosen along with his friends to pass through a hellish desert to get a cure for a virus he believes to have. He spends the majority of the book surviving the desert and its dangers along with his friends. Other main characters include: Thomas, He creates "The Maze" in the first book. an experiment created…show more content…
Minho, He is the "Keeper" of the runners (that’s what they call themselves). He first appears in the first book and luckily gets through the Maze. He then has to do the same as everyone and go through the Scorch Trials. Rat Man, the highest ranking officer of WICKED, the organization that created all those experiments in the first place. He is the one that introduces the runners to the scorch trials and tells them how to survive and what to do in order to find the cure and not die in the process. Scorch Trials is a science fiction book. The book starts with Thomas and the runner save in a bunker after they escaped the maze. He wakes up and find out that the building is being attacked by Cranks. He and the others pry open a locked door that leads to the common area. They also find a room that reads "Teresa Agnes" but when they burst in they find that a boy named Aris Jones is there, he tells them that he escaped from a similar maze, except with a group called group "B" and that he was the only man there. They go back to the common area and find someone that they call "Rat Man" he tells them that they are all infected

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