Scope and Sequence Essay

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Scope and Sequence Scope and Sequence The main purpose of the scope and sequence is to serve as a guideline for elementary teachers. It organizes strategies by grade level and indicates which strategies may be introduced, reviewed, and expanded on at each grade. In addition, it shows how some students’ use of strategies develops through the grades. You can use the scope and sequence to identify strategies to teach your students and to check your students’ progress in using them. The school district in my area does not use a scope and sequence they have adopted the Common Core and they follow the guidelines and curriculum set forth from the Common Core. In years past they had domains that they used as their guidelines for what they needed to teach at what grade level. I suppose this is what their scope and sequence was. The format of the domains for the Emery County School District is like a table. It shows the domain, the standards and the objectives at each grade level; with explanations of what the student’s need to know in order to meet those objectives and standards. I cannot really say what I would change about the K-8 math scope and sequence for my area. For one they do not use a scope and sequence here and for two, since I am not experienced in using such a system I cannot say what I would change until I have tried the system that is in place for my district. Teachers use a scope and sequence to know what they will be teaching for the year. A scope and sequences is basically a breakdown of the year and a teacher is able to see the order of which the curriculum will be taught and if there is a time that they will have an opportunity to repeat a concept that might be difficult for the age group being taught. A scope and sequence is a way for the teacher to plan instruction according to what needs to be addressed within the year. I would use
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