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SCMP 2 1.1 Explain the factors that influence the well being of children and young people (crossref cyp3.7, 1.1, 2.3) There are many factors the complaints about being of children and young people these can be social economic coach hopeful factors the personal choice, poverty, housing in community, educational environment, antisocial behaviour, health statuses of self or family member, disability, looked after children, health support, addition to the family of self, bereavement and loss, family expectations and encouragement, religious beliefs and customs, ethnic/ cultural beliefs and customs, marginalisation and exclusion, attachment, relationships, emotional security, health, self-esteem, diet, exercise, rest and sleep, prompt medical/dental attention when needed, preventive health programs . In CYP 3.7 we have explored how the impact of these influences have the effect on children and young people well-being and whether they achieve economic well-being. It is important to instil resilience in children and young people because it gives them coping mechanisms. It develops independence, empowers them, and gives them the skills to become autonomous, responsible, emphatic and altruistic. It gives them the tools to communicate with confidence, problem solve and handle negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It helps them face the world more optimistically – with hope, faith and trust in their own abilities. Resilience stops them feeling lonely, fearful and vulnerable. Activities and social and emotional development. Involvement in certain extra-curricular activities can support emotional wellbeing. There is also plenty of evidence that participation in extra-curricular activities improves educational outcomes. ippr’s analysis of the 1970 cohort study shows that extracurricular activities that take place in a group setting, with a clear hierarchy, clear and

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