Scientology Contract Essay

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CBURCBOP SCIENTOLOGY f/naJ~ amd~~f!A on. -fl~Jta/! I, (full name) of (address) apply for membership in a Scientology Religious Order and for active participation as a staff member within the Church of Scientology of _ __________________________________________________________________ (address) hereinafter referred to as the "Church" for a period of five (5) years / two and one-half (2 1/2) years (circle appropriate period). Acceptance of my application is based on the following information: INFORMATION 1. (If a Minor). I have obtained the consent of my parents or guardian to the commitment and participation herein described, for the Church of Scientology, which consent is indicated beneath my signature. 2. I have never been convicted of the commission of any criminal felony under the laws of any jurisdiction. 3. I have no institutional history of psychosis. 4. I have no electric, insulin or other shock or psychiatric brain operation history. 5. I am not an active drug pusher. 6. I have never sued the Church, or any Scientology organization or made complaint to any governmental authority with respect to the Church, any member of the Church, or any Scientology organization. 7. I am not a blown staff member or blown Sea Organization member. That is, I have never, without authorization in accordance with Church Policies, departed from any staff position within any Scientology organization or broken my vow of service as a member of the Sea Organization, a religious order of the Church of Scientology. OR I have in the past blown, as described above, but have since recanted and been given forgiveness and accepted back into the Scientology religion after having made proper restitution. 8. I am not related to or connected with any intelligence agency, either by past history or immediate familial connection. 9. I do NOT

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