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Scientology From Tom Cruise’s wedding to South Park’s cartoon cynicism, the Church of Scientology has emerged through the media as one of the wealthiest, most powerful but also the most controversial new religious organizations of the last 50 years. The word Scientology is derived from the Latin word scio, meaning "know" and the Greek word logos "the word or outward form by which the inward thought is expressed and made known." Therefore, Scientology means knowing about knowing. In Scientology, God is the highest of the eight dynamics, which the individual strives to embrace and to know fully. In this sense the concept of God, in Scientology teachings, is very personal -- it is really left to the person himself to define it fully. If one were to believe in Scientology, they would refer to their founder and spiritual messiah, L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings. Scientology could be considered one of the most controversial religions in America, with its followers believing they are on a mission to save themselves and even sometimes, the universe; and its critics could easily counterbalance a Scientologists statements by calling it a cult. Remarkably, however, it has rarely been subjected to serious critical study by historians of religions, in large part because of the intense secrecy that has surrounded the movement from its origins. On the frequently asked questions page from the Official Scientology website, a question is posed, “Does it cost a lot to be a member of the church and take services?” The site answers: The training delivered by Churches of Scientology could be compared to taking a course in a school or similar facility. Four years at a typical university would cost between $30,000 and $40,000; four years at a top university would run between $80,000 and $90,000 or even more. And those figures do not include additional costs such as books and

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