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It is said that the Scientific Revolution started in 1543. Of course there are historians who argue when this actually took place. Historians do seem to argure there was a transformation in scientific ideas, in physics, astronomy and biology during this time. Scientific Revolution is seen as the origin of Modern Science. During this period of time Modern Science challenged the church, superstition and fears of the people. Many scholars started to question things that they previously were taught to believe and this lead to the Scientific Revolution. Wht happened next was, many of the new thoughts and ideas contridicted ideas by the church or things previously believed. The Scentific Revolution was responsible for the change in science as we know it today. In the 17th century is where scientific changes occurred. The scholars started working differently then in the past with the way they approached in the past with the way they approached theroritical and experimental developments. What this means is scholars thought about the world in a defferent way. There are so many historical scholars that made their mark in history during this time period. For example, Galileo Galilili (1564 to 1642) improved the telescope and discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. He also developed laws for the falling bodies through experiments. Another example of a scholar of this time with different thinking was, Isaac Newton(1643 to 1727) He developed new ways to use mathematics in science. The most important thing to remember during this time period is, it is the basis of scientific thinking today. Which brings us to some of the theories that evolved during the Scientific Revolution. The Germ Theory Disease is the single most important contrbution by the science of microbiology to the health of all people in this world. It is most important with the

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