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Scientific Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: sullyc
  • on October 19, 2008
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The Scientific Revolution
During the 1600’s to 1700’s, the western world was greatly influenced by science. Wonderful scientists such as Galileo, Isaac Newton, Copernicus, and William Harvey all played contributing roles during the Scientific Revolution. Not only did scientists have a large impact on the western world, but discoveries and inventions such as the study of astronomy and the invention of the telescope played important roles as well.
In 1564, our world was changed due to the birth of one of the most well-known and influencial scientists, Galileo Galilei. Being the oldest of seven, he set out to learn about medicine and eventually found that he had a passion for arithmetic. During one of the classes he took as a   medical student in Pisa, he noticed a chandelier that seemed to mesmerize him with its slow and steady swing back and forth. As he observed the chandelier, he timed the swings from one end point to another. He was astonished to discover that the speed stayed the same, whether it be a short arc or a long arc that it was swinging (Gribben 75). This was only one of the many discoveries of Galileo Galilei.
Not only did he make discoveries, but Galileo also made inventions, one of which was the compass, which was a metal instrument that could be used as a calculator. Over time, the compass calculator became so popular that Galileo employed a workman to make them

for him. Galileo also worked with projectiles. He believed that if something was dropped fifty feet in the air, it would fall at the same speed as something twice the weight of it. In other words, he thought that weight had nothing to do with the velocity of a projectile. In 1604, he was more than fascinated by the supernova that appeared in the sky, and that was studied by a previous scientist, Kepler. Galileo was so inspired, he became an astronomer for the first time. Galileo believed that the star did not move across the sky in comparison to the other stars. Although he was...

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