Scientific Rationale Report

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Central Carolina Community College
NUR 101 - Practical Nursing I
Nursing Data Base
Revised Spring 2007

Student Name: WILLIAM CARTER___Date of Experience: _04/18/13 Instructor Name:_TAYLOR_

Client Age: __50_ Client Sex: ___F_ Admission Date: _04/16/13__

A. List all current orders pertaining to your client and include a scientific rationale (do not include laboratory or diagnostic tests). Please include name of textbook and page number in your rationale.

Physician Order | Scientific Rationale | a) Activity LevelUP AD LIB | THE ACTIVITIES PERFORMED IN THE COURSE OF NORMAL DAY, SUCH AS BATHING, DRESSING, FEEDING, AND AMBULATING. Pg.1765 Med Surg Nursing | b) Vital SignsQ6HRS | are measures of various physiological
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SLEEP AND REST Hours Slept: ___8HRS_; naps; insomnia; sleeping aids: _______________________________ Pain Assessment: Specific Location: ______________NONE___________________________________________________________ Intensity Scale: ______0/10________; Duration ________________ Precipitating Factors: ____NONE_________________________________________________________________ Defining Characteristics: _______NONE____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Interventions Used to Relieve Discomfort: ____________NONE_______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________…show more content…
Age-specific Developmental Level: ____________MIDDLE AGED______________________________
b. Actual Developmental Level: ______________MIDDLE AGED_________________________________
c. Site factual examples to support why you made the choice you did in “b” above: : GOING BY THE BOOK, IT STATES IT IN THE TEXT DIFFERENT AGE LEVELS AND DEVELOPMENTL LEVELS BY AGE.

Identify Behavioral Indicators of Teaching/Learning Needs: (what did you see or hear that told you someone needed to be taught something) PT STATES THAT SHE DOES NOT LIKE BEING ON A DIET THAT SHE LIKES TO EAT WHAT SHE WANTS AND WHEN SHE WANTS. (NEEDS TEACHING ON DIABIETIES)

Identifying Actual/Potential Learners: (who did or could you have taught) ) PT NEEDS MORE TEACHING ON LEARNING HOW TO COUNT CAL. AND EATING THE RIGHT FOODS FOR HER DIABIETIES.

Identify Methods You Would Use To Reinforce Teaching: (what did or could you have used to teach
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