Scientific Method for Solving Prolems Essay

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It fascinates me to watch a child discover something new and exciting about the physical world. There is a natural and logical progression that occurs when individuals define a problem and ask questions. The scientific method is a process used to analyze and evaluate problems or to answer questions when unexplained facts present themselves. It is that look of confusion, misunderstanding or when one seems perplexed about a particular situation that sets the scientific method in motion. It is a system of steps that allows individuals to better understand the natural complexities that occur within the physical world. Individuals often do not realize they conduct mini research projects, when they utilize the principles of the scientific method, to solve everyday problems. Problems and questions present themselves, action steps are taken and data is collected to form a conclusion. A phenomenon is defined as any observable event, circumstance or experience occurring in the natural world. Rachel, a two year old child, accidentally dropped a pan on the kitchen floor and it made a very loud noise. Though she was initially startled, she seemed intrigued with this new discovery and began to question what had just happened. Rachel made an observation about an action in the physical world, the dropping of the pan. The outcome of that action seemed to be a loud noise. With the information she had gathered, she developed a testable theory. She assumed the noise was created by the dropping of the pan on the kitchen floor. She predicted that there was a direct correlation between the action and the outcome. This was her hypothesis, her educated guess. Rachel decided to carry out an experiment that tested her theory. Over and over again, she dropped the pan on the kitchen floor and each time it made the same loud noise. Based on her results and data collection, her theory was

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