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Tanner Bonds January 27, 2015 The Scientific Method 250 1-In this week’s lab we will be using our knowledge of the scientific method to test the best way to construct a paper airplane. In order to complete the lab we have to first come up with an observation, what we think will happen. Then we figure out our hypothesis, if this happens then that will happen. Next we do the actual experiment. After that we analyze our results and last we come to a conclusion. We do this over and over again until we come up with what we believe to be the best way to do it. 2-The objective for this lab is simple, to build the most efficient paper airplane possible with the materials provided. The efficiency will be based off how far it can fly in meters. We will start by first making a few different airplanes with materials such as paper, paper clips, types of tape, a meter stick, and anything else we feel would be of use. We will then fly the various types and see which type of plane flies the best and what attributes contribute to that. Then we will take all of the best characteristics and make one paper plane to conduct our study off of. 3-The overall purpose of this lab is to test and expand our knowledge on the scientific method. That is something that we will be having to refer to everyday in class. This lab will help us to see how different types of variables will change our results, and how our hypothesis may not always if ever be right the first time. It will teach us that testing something often times more than once is necessary to get adequate results. Also to show us that no matter how good our plane is there will always be room for improvement and that science is never ending, even if there is not a better one in our class someone out there will come up with new data and different variables and be able to create a more efficient airplane and that’s

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