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Scientific Method Essay

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Below is an essay on "Scientific Method" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. The Scientific Method can really be broken down into six steps: Begin with a question or problem, collect background information to help you focus in, create a hypothesis that responds to your question/problem, design and carry out an experiment that attempts to address your hypothesis, collect/interpret your data, and draw a conclusion based on your data. As it is described here, it appears to have a clear beginning and end.   Is this true regarding the method itself and the way in which it is used?   Explain why you think this.(2)

Science is the consecutive process of developing and test theories. When we do this with scientific method by its 6 steps, we can reduce risks of mistake. However, it does not mean that we are able to get the desirable result every time. There is the possibility that something is wrong with each step. For example, the question might be wrong to begin to develop a theory. Or, the hypothesis might not be the right fit for her question. If we make mistakes no matter the step we make through, we have to go through again. When we correct the problem, we could start from the step one. However, it could be fixed at some different point not just from the first step. It is true that scientific method can be broken down into 6 steps, and it is helpful to develop and test theory. However, considering the method itself and the way in which it is used, it is not clear with reasons I described above.  

2. Now, think about an experience in your own life where you needed to solve a problem/answer a question (Yes, you probably used the Scientific Method!).   Describe this experience in detail by reflecting on how you addressed each of the six steps (as described above), as well as how the experience was more realistic and reflects your responses in question 1. (6)

a. Your question/problem –

Does energy drinks help me stay up all night to prepare tests?

b. Background information you collected –

Energy drinks have the high level of...

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